Plastinject Watersystem – the smarter choice!

We are getting stronger and stronger on the Scandinavian market and our success is vital.
We, for example, now offer 6 different water cartridges with optimal flexibility and technical characteristics with hundreds of references.
A lot of municipalities have also drawn attention to our Hydro Filter, also here are there several reference plants in operation.
Please see assortment to take part of our entire product range.
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Pluvial Cube

One of the most flexible and modular water cartridges on the market. Supplied flatpacked or preassembled, then with a short installation process included. Covers virtually all applications such as heavy traffic, low over buildings, irrigation & inspection. Read more.

Pluvial Cube.jpg


Our Hydrosystem range is probably the most unique existing decentralized filtering solutions and LOD, handle areas up to 10,000 m². Read more.



Plupave is a complete product family of grass reinforcement tiles. A total of 5 different models in order to meet the market demand regarding load support and price. Read more.